Some of these editions are not available to view at present, but we are intending to add the missing ones soon.

This period saw 34 full issues of the Nottingham Drinker published (ND 66 to ND 100), with 5 “Top-up” Drinkers in 2005 (ND 66A; ND 67A; ND 68A; ND 69A and ND 70A) and one “Top-up” in 2006 (ND 72A).

There were 3 Mild Trail Inserts (ND 67 [2005]; ND 73 [2006]; ND 79 [2007] and one Stout & Porter Insert (ND 72A [2007]. By the end of the period, inserts for trails had been replaced by trail documentation in the main body of the Drinker.

The size of the standard A4 booklet Drinker increased considerably in the period, with ND 66 being 24 pages (6 double-sided A3 sheets folded) to ND 100 being 56 pages (14 double-sided A3 sheets folded).

David Mason was editor for ND 66 to ND 81 (2005 to 2007), followed by Spyke Golding ND 82 to ND 100 (2007 to 2010).

Sadly, Spyke died in-post following the publication of ND 100.