Some of these editions are not yet available to view, but we hope to be able to add the missing ones in the future.

The period 2001 to 2004 saw 30 full issues of the Nottingham Drinker (NDs 36 to 65) plus 8 Nottingham Drinker “Top-ups” (NDs 55A to 58A and 61A to 64A). There were also 5 Mild Trail Inserts issued in each of the April / May editions of the Nottingham Drinker 2000 to 2004 (NDs 37; 43; 49; 55 and 61).

The magazine editors during this period were Richard Studeny and David Mason.

Full issues of the magazine were printed double-sided in black ink on glossy white A3 landscape sheets folded in half and bound to give an A4 booklet. The content of the magazine increased as the period progressed, from an 8 page publication in ND 36 to one of 20 pages in ND 65.