Apart from Mild Trail supplements, these editions are not yet available to view but we hope to be able to add them in the future.

Between the spring of 1994 and the start of 2000, 35 issues of the Nottingham Drinker were published (ND 1 to ND 35), plus 4 Mild Inserts (ND 13 [1996]; ND 19 [1997]; ND 25 [1998] and ND 31 [1999]).

The editorship of a number of the early issues is not recorded, though at least one was edited by Bert Hennessey (ND 2). Most of the others were edited by Richard Studeney, who had a clear run as editor from 1996 to 2000 (ND 12 to ND 43) and beyond.

At the start of this period, the Nottingham Drinker was a 4-page A4 portrait pamphlet, constructed of a double-sided A3 sheet folded in half. This increased to an 8-page pamphlet in 1996 (ND 14) made from 2 sheets of A3, stapled and folded, which continued until the end of this period in 1999 (ND 35). The publication was printed on a variety of coloured papers using a range of coloured inks.

The Mild Trail Inserts were double-sided single sheets of A3, folded into A4 portrait pamphlets which were inserted into each Drinker before distribution.