Pub Crawls – Welcome to Nottingham & the Surrounding Area

What makes a good pub crawl is very much a moot point. For some it is the beer, for others the buildings and for many it is the company. Whatever makes your ideal pub crawl, the Nottingham area has a broad range of public houses which welcome considerate pub goers.

Nottingham CAMRA campaigns to encourage pub-goers to visit a range of different pubs within our branch area.

In the Pub Walks section below are some logical routes around the City and the surrounding area. These don’t try to be about “good” pubs or “good” beer but they are about what you will find en-route.

Following these suggested routes will give you the opportunity to pop into pubs you might not normally visit.

For example, Walk 1 takes the traveller from the Railway Station to Nottingham Castle past some dozen or so pubs. Of those 12 there will be something to suit most tastes, both in beer and atmosphere. For each pub there is a link to more information on CAMRA’s national pub-finder website, “Whatpub”. We are not suggesting that all 12 should be visited in one session!

Updated October 2021.

You can download a map to help guide you round the pubs in the city centre if you wish to pick and choose. This is by no means the full list of Nottingham pubs. Please visit CAMRA’s pub database at for up to date details on all pubs

Hucknall Town Centre Real Ale Map

Click here to view the Hucknall Real Ale Map (October 2021)

Beer by Tram

Nottingham is proud of its tram network. Even before the system was carrying passengers, the operator Nottingham Express Transit (NET) was working with Nottingham CAMRA by sponsoring the Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival at the Victoria Leisure Centre in Sneinton Market. Festival beers and ciders were found at bar locations identified by tram-stop names.

NET, in conjunction with Nottingham CAMRA, has produced several editions of the “Beer by Tram Guide”, the most recent dated 2017. A great way to view the City from a slightly different perspective whilst enjoying a beer or two en route.

Click on the pdf below to download the Beer by Tram Guide: 

Beer by Tram

Beer by Bus

Nottingham has an extensive local bus network operated by Nottingham City Transport (NCT) which gives unparalleled access to the City’s pubs, particularly in the suburbs and out-of-the-way places.

NCT has its origins in the Nottingham & District Tramways Company, which introduced the first horse drawn tram cars to Nottingham, with the first two routes from St Peter’s Square to Trent Bridge and Station Street. 140 years later, Nottingham City Transport has 50 routes and provides an award winning service to the people of Nottingham and recently introduced the world’s largest fleet of Bio-Gas double- deckers. 

Working in conjunction with Nottingham CAMRA, NCT produced a Beer by Bus Guide in 2015. This guide is available as a pdf below:

Beer by Bus

Members’ Recommendations

Our Branch Members also have some excellent ideas as to what might make an enjoyable pub crawl. Armed with lots of local knowledge, some of their suggestions are given below:

Real Ale Tram Trail by John Wake, in which John takes us on three distinct routes across the City’s tram network. Click on the thumbnail to open the pdf:

Real Ale Tram Trail – Route 1 – Market Square to Chilwell.
Real Ale Tram Trail – Route 2 – Market Square to Clifton.
Real Ale Tram Trail – Route 3 – Market Square to Hucknall.

Beer Stiles

“Beer Stiles” is a regular feature in the Nottingham Drinker, our branch magazine. Researched, walked and written by Branch Member Colin Elmhirst, these are pub-based walking routes. 

As some of these articles were written a while ago, some of the pubs and places described may have changed significantly since original publication.

Those planning a walk based on old “Beer Stiles” articles are advised to check the route in advance for any changes which may hve occurred.

Beer Stiles 1.  – ND 99 – Kegworth, Zouch, Sutton Bonnington 
Beer Stiles 2.  – ND 100 – Great Hucklow, Litton, Wardlow Mires 
Beer Stiles 3.  – ND 101 – pg. 29 –  Ingleby, Milton, Ticknall                                                      Derbyshire
Beer Stiles 4.  – ND 102 – pg. 29 –  Monyash, White Peak                                                           Derbyshire
Beer Stiles 5.  – ND 103 – pg. 33 –  Ashby Folville, Thorpe Satchville, Twyford                      Leicestershire
Beer Stiles 6.  – ND 104 – pg. 29 – Holby, Thrussington                                                               Wreake Valley
Beer Stiles 7.  – ND 105 – pg. 29 – Creswell Crags, Hardwick Hall                                            Derbyshire
Beer Stiles 8.  – ND 112 – pg. 24 – Caunton, Bathley, North Muskham                                     Nottinghamshire
Beer Stiles 9.  – ND 116 – pg. 27 – Morton, Rolleston, Fiskerton, Bleasby                                Trent Valley
Beer Stiles 10. –  ND 118 – pg. 34 – Shardlow and Sawley                                                          Trent Valley
Beer Stiles 11. –  ND 122 – pg. 20 – Gunthorpe, Hoveringham, Caythorpe                             Trent Valley
Beer Stiles 12. –  ND 123 – pg. 22 – Lambley and Woodborough                                              Nottinghamshire
Beer Stiles 13.  – ND 124 – pg. 18 – Muston and Woolsthorpe                                                  Vale of Belvoir
Beer Stiles 14.  – ND 128 – pg. 26 – Burton Joyce and Gunthorpe                                            Trent Valley
Beer Stiles 15.  – ND 129 – pg. 30 – Upper Broughton, Old Dalby, Nether Broughton         Vale of Belvoir
Beer Stiles 16.  – ND 131 – pg. 24 – Thurgarton, Epperstone                                                     Nottinghamshire
Beer Stiles 17.  – ND 138 – pg. 30 – Kilburn, Holbrook, Horsley                                                Amber Valley
Beer Stiles 18.  – ND 141 – pg. 36 – West Hallam, Mapperley                                                   Derbyshire
Beer Stiles 19.  – ND 147 – pg. 40 – Edingley, Halam, Southwell                                              Nottinghamshire

Click on the link to take you through to the relevant copy of the Drinker, then scroll down to the page reference to get to the Beer Stiles walk.

Unfortunately, NDs 99 (Beer Stiles 1) and 100 (Beer Stiles 2) are not yet available on line. Please be aware that as some of these articles were published some time ago, details may have changed since they were written.

In Praise of PUBlic Transport

“In Praise of PUBlic Transport” provides details of how to enjoy some excellent drinking destinations outside the Nottingham area by means of public transport. A long-running feature of our branch magazine, the Nottingham Drinker.

Manchester (IPOPT No.68) – ND 102 (Feb / Mar 2011) – pg.18 – Colin Elmhirst & John Westlake
Derby, Ripley & Westwood (IPOPT No.69) – ND 103 (Apr / May 2011) – pg.18 – The Old Gits
Alfreton (IPOPT No.70) – ND 104 (Jun / Jul 2011) – pg.18 – Colin Elmhirst & John Westlake
Around St. Pancras (IPOPT No.71) – ND 105 (Aug / Sep 2011) – pg.18 – Steve Rogerson
Leeds (IPOPT No.72) – ND 106 – pg.24 – The Old Gits
Buxton (IPOPT No.73) – ND 107 – pg.28 – John Westlake
Olympic London (IPOPT No.74) – ND 109 – pg.40 – Colin Elmhirst & John Westlake
The Black Country (IPOPT No.75a) ND 113  – pg.32 – Colin Elmhirst, John Westlake & Graham Smith
Stockport (IPOPT No.75b)  – ND 114 – pg.20 – John Westlake
Stourbridge (IPOPT No.76) – ND 115 – pg.22 – John Westlake
Peterborough (IPOPT No.77) – ND 116 – pg.30 – John Westlake
Worcester (IPOPT No.78a) – ND117 – pg.26 – John Westlake
Worksop (IPOPT No.78b) – ND 118 – pg.10 – John Westlake
Kettering (IPOPT No.79) – ND 119 – pg.22 – John Westlake
Uttoxeter (IPOPT No.80) – ND 122 – pg.40 – John Westlake
Ely (IPOPT No.81) – ND 123 – pg.48 – John Westlake
Worcester & the Cotswolds (IPOPT No.82) – ND 124 – pg.42 – John Westlake
St. Albans (IPOPT No.83) – ND 127 – pg.50 – John Westlake
Wakefield (IPOPT No.84) – ND 128 – pg.42 – John Westlake
Bedford (IPOPT No.85) – ND 130 – pg.30 – John Westlake
Retford (IPOPT No.86) – ND 135 – pg.24 – John Westlake
Melton Mowbray (IPOPT No.87) – ND 145 – pg.26 – John Westlake
Barnsley (IPOPT No.88) – ND 147 – pg.38 – John Westlake

Please be aware that as some of these articles were published some time ago, details may have changed since they were written.

Steamy Affairs

Ever wanted to enjoy the romance of rail in some interesting track-side hostelries? Then “Steamy Affairs” are right for you. An occasional feature in the Nottingham Drinker but well worth seeking out. A chance to sample the world when being “on-line” meant more than just plugging into a WiFi router…….

Severn Valley Railway (SA No.2 part 1) – ND 107 – pg.36 – John Westlake
Severn Valley Railway (SA No.2 part 2) – ND 108 – pg.36 – John Westlake
Watercress Line (SA No. 3) – ND 114 – pg.10 – John Westlake
East Lancashire Railway (SA No.4) – ND 119 – pg.22 – John Westlake
West Somerset Railway (SA No.5) – ND 125 – pg.28 – John Westlake
North Yorkshire Moors Railway (SA No.6) – ND 131 – pg. 22 – John Westlake
Keighley & Worth Valley Railway (SA No.7) – ND 137 – pg.22 – John Westlake
Isle of Man (SA No.8) – ND 143 – pg.24 – John Westlake

Please be aware that as some of these articles were published some time ago, details may have changed since they were written.

City Pub Walks

Assuming you are mainly in the City Centre there are a good number of decent pubs worth a visit. The National Good Beer Guide (NGBG) lists many Nottingham pubs, but you can download a list here of some of the branch favourites.

If you wish to undertake a basic “guided” tour then try the following, which can be reduced by missing out certain pubs, or extended by following one of the Extended Pub guide walks here .


1.1 BEERHEADZ Cabman’s Shelter, 1a Queens Road NG2 3AS – the Railway Station micro pub.  

1.2 VAT & FIDDLE Queens Bridge Road NG2 1NB – the Castle Rock brewery tap.

1.3 BARLEY TWIST 91 Carrington Street NG1 7FE –  Castle Rock craft ale tap.

1.4 FELLOWS, MORTON & CLAYTON (FMC) 54 Canal Street NG1 7EH –

1.5 THE CANALHOUSE 48-52 Canal Street NG1 7EH – Castle Rock pub with a canal boat docked inside the pub!

1.6 VIA FOSSA 44 Canal Street NG1 7EH – Greene King pub.

1.7 COMPANY INN Castle Wharf NG1 7EH – Wetherspoons pub.

1.8 NAVIGATION INN 6 Wilford Street NG2 1AA – Marstons pub.

1.9  YE OLDE TRIP TO JERUSALEM Brewhouse Yard, NG1 6AD – an ancient treasure and a must visit. Nationally important historic interior.

1.10 FOTHERGILLS 5-7 Castle Road NG1 6AA – restaurant & bar.

1.11 CASTLE 1 Castle Road NG1 6AA – boutique pub.

1.12 CRAFTY CROW 102 Friar Lane NG1 6EB – Magpie brewery tap.

Walk info updated July 2018


2.1 ROYAL CHILDREN 50a Castle Gate NG1 7AT – Heineken (Star) pub.

2.2 SALUTATION Houndsgate NG1 7AA – Regionally Important Historic Interior.

2.3 NED LUDD 27 Friar Lane NG1 6DA – craft beer pub.

2.4 ROUND HOUSE Royal Standard Place NG1 6FS – former Victorian circular hospital ward.

2.5 BROWNS 20 Park Row NG1 6GR – restaurant & bar.

2.6 NOTTINGHAM PLAYHOUSE Wellington Circus NG1 5AL – playhouse bar.

2.7 TOLL HOUSE Toll House Hill, NG1 5FS – modern pub.

2.8 BAR 44 Strathdon Hotel, 44 Derby Road NG1 5FT – substantial hotel bar.

Walk info updated July 2018


3.1 ROOM WITH A BREW 78 Derby Road NG1 5FD – Scribblers Ales pub.

3.2 HAND & HEART 65–67 Derby Road NG1 5BA – Cave-cut freehouse.

3.3 RAGLAN ROAD 69-73 Derby Road NG1 5BA – Irish theme.

3.4 ROPEWALK 107-111 Derby Road NG1 5BB – popular with students.

3.5 SIR JOHN BORLASE WARREN  1 Ilkeston Road NG7 3GD – a Lincoln Green pub.

3.6 FOOTMAN’S REST Canning Circus NG7 3GD – boutique bar.

3.7 FALCON INN 1 Alfreton Road NG7 3JE – traditional small pub.

3.8 GOOD FELLOW GEORGE 11-15 Alfreton Road NG7 3JE – free house in a former bank building

3.9 ORGAN GRINDER 21 Alfreton Road NG7 3JE – Blue Monkey pub.

3.10 RUNNING HORSE 16 Alfreton Road NG7 3NG – music venue.

Walk info update July 2018


4.1 FAT CAT CAFE 5 Chapel Quarter NG1 6JS – modern cafe bar.

4.2 DRAGON 67 Long Row West NG1 6JE – Long narrow pub & garden.

4.3 BELL INN 18 Angel Row NG1 6HL – an ancient treasure with an heritage interior of some regional importance.

4.4 YATES’S 49 Long Row NG1 6JB – Victorian gin palace.

4.5 BARREL DROP 7 Hurts Yard NG1 6JD – Magpie micro pub on an alley off the market place. 

4.6 MALT CROSS 16 St. James’s Street NG1 6FG – superb Victorian music hall, currently closed (as at July 2018).

4.7 ROEBUCK 9-11 St. James’s Street NG1 6FH – Wetherspoons pub.

4.8 BANK 8-9 Beastmarket Hill NG1 6FB – converted former bank.

4.9 SOUTHBANK CITY 12-18 Friar Lane NG1 6DQ – Great Northern Inns pub.

4.10 JOSEPH ELSE 11-12 South Parade, Old Market Square NG1 2JS – Wetherspoons pub.

4.11 SQUARES The Poultry, NG1 2HW – substantial town centre pub.

Walk info updated July 2018 


5.1 TAP & TUMBLER 33 Wollaton Street NG1 5FW – popular music pub.

5.2 PARLIAMENT BAR & KITCHEN 67 Upper Parliament Street NG1 6LD – Heineken pub.

5.3 STAGE 7a Wollaton Street NG1 5FW – substantial town centre pub.

5.4 THREE CROWNS  51 Upper Parliament Street NG1 6LD – Mitchells & Butler’s pub.

5.5 COPPER CAFE 25-33 Market Street NG1 6HX – local Copper chain pub.

5.6 YARN Theatre Square NG1 5ND – Castle Rock – theatre bar.

5.7 HOP MERCHANT 64 Upper Parliament Street NG1 2AG – craft beer bar.

5.8 LANGTRYS 4 South Sherwood Street NG1 4BY – 18th century inn with plumbing to match and noted for cider.

5.9 BLUE BELL 50 Upper Parliament Street NG1 2AG – substantial town centre pub.

5.10 OLD DOG & PARTRIDGE 18 Lower Parliament Street NG1 3DA – one of the last “local” pubs in the city centre.

5.11 NEWMARKET INN Lower Parliament Street NG1 3BA – substantial town centre pub.

Walk info updated August 2018


Although the academic institution is now known as Nottingham Trent University, for many the area is still known as the “Old Poly”.

6.1 HORN IN HAND Goldsmith Street NG1 5JT – student pub.

6.2 RESCUE ROOMS 25 Goldsmith Street NG1 5LB – music venue.

6.3 GOOSEBERRY BUSH 5 Peel Street NG1 4GL – Wetherspoons pub popular with students.

6.4 HOLE IN THE WALL 63 North Sherwood Street NG1 4EZ – Marstons pub.

6.5 ORANGE TREE 38 Shakespeare Street NG1 4FQ – large student pub.

Walk info updated August 2018


7.1 THURLAND HALL Thurland Street NG1 3DR – one of the last “local” pubs in the city centre.

7.2 LOXLEY 24-26 Pelham Street NG1 2EG – Stonegate pub.

7.3 PIT & PENDULUM 17 Victoria Street NG1 2EW – Stonegate pub.

7.4 BODEGA 23 Pelham Street NG1 2ED – popular music venue.

7.5 FARADAYS 23-27 Victoria Street NG1 2EW – Stonegate pub.

Walk info updated August 2018


8.1 SIX BARREL DRAFTHOUSE 14-16 Carlton Street, Hockley NG1 1NN – Ei Group pub.
8.2 LLOYDS NUMBER ONE 1 Carlton Street NG1 1NL – Wetherspoons pub.

8.3 CURIOUS TAVERN 2a George Street NG1 3BE – a curious hotel bar.

8.4 BROADWAY 14 Broad Street NG1 3AL – Arts cinema bar.

8.5 OLD ANGEL 7 Stoney Street, Lace Market NG1 1LG – Brewpub.

Walk info updated August 2018


9.1 ANNIE’S BURGER SHACK / OCEAN STATE TAVERN 5 Broadway, Lace Market NG1 1PR – restaurant and bar.

9.2 KEAN’S HEAD St Mary’s Gate NG1 1QA – Castle Rock pub.

9.3 COCK & HOOP 25 High Pavement NG1 1HE – Hotel bar.

9.4 PITCHER & PIANO High Pavement, Lace Market NG1 1HN – Marstons pub in an impressive converted church. 

9.5 NOTTINGHAM CONTEMPORARY High Pavement, Lace Market NG1 1HN – Art gallery bar.

9.6 HEAD OF STEAM 7 High Pavement, Lace Market NG1 1HF – Camerons pub.

9.7 LACEMAKERS ARMS 3 High Pavement, Lace Market NG1 1HF – Rustic-style pub.

9.8 CROSS KEYS 15 Byard Lane NG1 2GJ – Great Northern Inns pub.

Walk info updated August 2018


10.1 BUNKERS HILL 36-38 Hockley NG1 1FP – Pub People Company pub.

10.2 FOX & GRAPES 21 Southwell Road NG1 1DL – Castle Rock pub.

10.3 KING WILLIAM IV 6 Eyre Street, Sneinton NG2 4PB – Traditional freehouse.

10.4 WHEATSHEAF Sneinton Road, Sneinton NG2 4PW – Trust Inns pub.

10.5 NEW CASTLE 8 Sneinton Road,Sneinton NG2 4PA – Freehouse.

10.6 BATH INN 1 Handel Street, Sneinton NG3 1JE – Pub and chip shop!

Walk info updated August 2018


11.1 NEWSHOUSE 123 Canal Street NG1 7HB – Castle Rock pub.

11.2 NOTTINGHAM LEGEND Lower Parliament Street NG1 1GD – Patron Capital / Punch Taverns pub.

Walk info updated August 2018


12.1. ROSE OF ENGLAND 36-38 Mansfield Road NG1 3JA – a Heineken pub designed by Watson Fothergill.

12.2. PEACOCK 11 Mansfield Road NG1 3FB – a Heineken pub with a traditional but quirky interior.

12.3 NAG’S HEAD 140 Mansfield Road NG1 3HW – a Heineken pub.

12.4. LINCOLNSHIRE POACHER 161-163 Mansfield Road NG1 3FR – a Castle Rock pub with a wide range of beers.


The map below shows the pubs in Hucknall town centre as at February 2018:

Click on the Map to produce a printable pdf

A. PORTLAND ARMS  Annesley Road, Hucknall NG15 7DQ – a local pub.

B. LYNGARY’S 30a Annesley Road, Hucknall NG15 7AB – an Irish micro pub.

C. BYRON’S REST 8 Baker Street, Hucknall NG15 7AS – a micro pub.

D. HALF MOON South Street, Hucknall NG15 7BS – a free house.

E. H2O 76-78 High Street, Hucknall NG15 7AX – sport & live music.

F. RED LION High Street, Hucknall NG15 7AX – a Greene King pub.

G. PILGRIM OAK 44-46 High Street, Hucknall NG15 7AX – a Wetherspoons pub.

H. BOATSWAIN 2a Watnall Road, Hucknall NG15 7LE – micro pub.

I. PLOUGH & HARROW High Street, Hucknall NG15 7HJ – an Amber Taverns pub.

J. CHEQUERS INN High Street, Hucknall NG15 7HD – weekend discos.

K. STATION HOTEL Station Terrace, Hucknall NG15 7TQ – a Lincoln Green brewery pub.

L. BEER SHACK 1 Derbyshire Lane, Hucknall NG15 7JX – a micro pub.

M. GREEN DRAGON Watnall Road, Hucknall NG15 7JW – a Pub People Company pub.

N. BIKE LOUNGE 136 Watnall Road, Hucknall NG15 7NH – a micro pub.

Architecture Ale Trail

In 2015, CAMRA held its national Annual General Meeting here in Nottingham at the Albert Hall. This Architecture Ale Trail was issued to delegates to acquaint them with some of Nottingham’s architecturally interesting pubs. Prepared jointly by Experience Nottinghamshire, Castle Rock and the Royal Institute of British Architects East Midlands, each is well worth visiting:

Local Interest Groups

A number of local interest groups have pub walks etc on their websites. Please use the links below to get to the relevant walk:

Burton Joyce & Bulcote Local History Society:

In 2012 the BJBLHS produced a booklet of Heritage Pub Walks in conjunction with the Nottinghamshire County Council Local Improvement Scheme. It features six walks, each between 4 and 10 miles in length, all starting from Burton Joyce village centre. Information of local historical interest is included for each walk. Hard copies of the booklet are available from the Society, but it may also be downloaded in a pdf format by following the links below.

BJBLHS Pub Walks Cover and Introduction
BJBLHS Pub Walks 1 to 3 Lambley & Woodborough
Map for Pub Walks 1 to 3
High Resolution Map for Walks 1 to 3  (8 MB)
BJBLHS Pub Walks 4 to 6 Lowdham, Caythorpe & Hoveringham
Map for Pub Walks 4 to 6
High Resolution Map for Walks 4 to 6 (4MB)
More Pub Walks & Back Cover

BJBLHS Walk 7 – Stoke Bardolph – The Ferry Boat
BJBLHS Walk 8 – Gedling – Inn for a Penny
BJBLHS Walk 9 – Gedling – The Gedling
BJBLHS Walk 10 – Lowdham – World’s End
BJBLHS Walk 11 – Gunthorpe – The Unicorn
BJBLHS Walk 12 – East Bridgford – The Reindeer/The Royal Oak
BJBLHS Walk 15 – Burton Joyce – Heritage Trail

The Automobile Association

Deep in the Dumbles – Lambley Nag’s Head & Robin Hood & Little John

U3A (University of the Third Age)

This group does a number of excellent Local History Trails which feature local pubs and breweries:

Carlton Trail – Carlton Brewery (Watson Fothergill), Black’s Head, Old Volunteer, Earl of Chesterfield (Demolished) and Nag’s Head
Gedling Trail – Waverley Street Hop Garden
Netherfield Trail – Its in the Bank and Jackie Bell’s (Railway Hotel – now converted to residential)
Lace Market Trail – Pitcher & Piano, Cock & Hoop & Kean’s Head
Watson Fothergill Trail – Castle Inn, Fothergill’s
Castle Quarter Trail – Roundhouse, Fothergill’s, Castle Inn, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Royal Children, Salutation

Walking England

These links are to walks on John Harris’s We’ve picked out some which mention pubs in the Nottingham Branch Area:

Bleasby – Waggon & Horses, Bromley (Fiskerton) & Full Moon (Moreton) – A Waterside Walk from Hazelford Ferry
Oxton – Green Dragon – Robin Hood Hill & Oxton
Lambley – Woodlark – Arnold & the Dumbles
Lambley & Woodborough – Four Bells & Woodlark
Stoke Bardolph – Ferry Boat Inn 

There are many more pubs but most would never get round them all in one crawl, so apologies to those we’ve missed out – Look at CAMRA’s pub-finder website for more choices and plan your own pub crawl. 

We hope you have a pleasant day out in Nottingham and its surrounding area.