In 2013 Nottingham CAMRA was approached by Yvette Storey, landlady at the Canalhouse, Nottingham with the proposal to run a beer festival at the pub consisted of only locally Nottinghamshire brewed beers and ales.

Thus was born the Champion Beer of Nottinghamshire (CBoN). The first Champion Beer of Nottinghamshire festival took place from Thursday 7th February 2013 till Saturday 9th February 2013.

Brewers were invited to submit two beers, which were part of their regular range of beers, into the competition in one of the following five categories;

  • BITTERS OG: less than 1040 Typical ABV: less than 4% Final gravity 1006 -1010
  • BEST BITTERS OG: 1040 up to less than 1046 Typical ABV: 4.0-4.6% Final gravity 1006 – 1012
  • STRONG BITTERS OG: 1046 or more Typical ABV: 4.6% or more Final gravity 1008 – 1015
  • GOLDEN ALES OG: no specific limits Typical ABV: no specific limits Final gravity 1006 – 1020
  • PORTERS/ STOUTS OG: 1040 or more Typical ABV

Judges including representatives from the Nottinghamshire CAMRA branches, and local celebrities, judges the beers, during a blind tasting session, with the two top scoring beers advancing to the final.

The event continued to take place at the Canalhouse until it moved to be part of the Hucknall Beer & Cider Festival in 2019.

Winners of CBoN also received the Spyke Golding Shield and were entitled to advertise the beer using the CAMRA logo

Past Winners of CBoN:

  • 2013 – Blue Monkey – Ape Ale
  • 2014  – Lincoln Green – Tuck
  • 2015 – Blue Monkey – Ape Ale
  • 2016  – Blue Monkey – Infinity
  • 2017 – Blue Monkey – Guerilla Chocolate Amaretto
  • 2018 – Lincoln Green –  Back Ripper
  • 2019 – Shipstones – Hollow Stone Krubera Stout
  • 2020 – Lenton Lane – 200 not out

2020 Winner

200 Not Out A strong, golden, hoppy beer.

Brewed originally to celebrate Lenton Lane’s 200th Gyle. Now, so loved, they have to keep brewing it again! A deceptively smooth and fruity number. It’s a beauty! Voted Champion beer of Nottinghamshire.