The Nottingham Branch of CAMRA was founded in 1973 with the first meeting taking place at the Barley Mow, Basford on Monday 13 August.

Under CAMRA rules of the time, a branch was only allowed to elect seven committee members. Individualistic from the outset, Nottingham elected eight. These original eight branch committee members were:

  • Harry Willis – Chairman
  • Mick Joyce – Secretary
  • Les Limb – Treasurer
  • Stewart Argyle
  • Dave Bignall
  • Ian Downing
  • Tony McConeielle
  • Norman Stapleton

Long before the role of CAMRA Regional Director came into being, Stewart Argyle was recommended for the role of Area Organiser. This position he held for some time, being followed by Spyke Golding.

Officials, Committee Members and other Post Holders since 1973