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“What Makes a Good Beer Great?”

A Matter of Opinion!

Beers drinkers are being asked for their feedback by a Nottinghamshire-based brewery in its quest to create the perfect pint!

Lincoln Green Brewing Company, in Hucknall, launched the first batch of a new ale called ‘What makes a good beer great? Batch #01’was available from January 24th in all of their Notts pubs and they’ve now produced a video on the feedback from the Tasting Panel session at The Station Hotel.

Batch #1 Tasting Panel

The video provides feedback from the Panel and a discussion with the brewer, Carl Heron, who is managing the developments for each Batch.

They also announced that Batch #2 will be launched on February 21st and again a limited edition will be available in all of their pubs. As before the pump clip will have a QR code that will take you to a feedback form to get your views on the latest version, so please visit a Lincoln Green Pub near you following the launch and give it go!