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Voted Best CAMRA web site 2013. This site was built at no cost on a voluntary basis by Nottingham CAMRA members. Dee Wright explains how it came about; " Back in 2011, we put out an appeal at a branch meeting and Alex Leeson-Brown approached me stating that he would love to help out. I met with Alex and explained what we were looking for, then arranged a sub-committee to work with him. We met 4 times, but I did a lot over email with him to finalise how I wanted the site to look. I bought Alex a couple of pints and gave him 6 of my CAMRA Wetherspoons vouchers, as a thank-you for his efforts. He received no payment or anything formally from the branch as he was emigrating to America to marry his fiancée. When I dealt with Alex he used as his web site and that was where he held the design for me to update and comment on. Once he went to America he set up a new business called SeaHawkStudios and we changed the logo on the bottom of our website from his old UK one to his new USA one to accredit him with the work."